Adelaide’s Paint & Decor Caters With Customization

//Adelaide’s Paint & Decor Caters With Customization
Adeilaide's Paint & Decor

Adelaide’s Paint & Decor Caters With Customization

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adelaides paint and decorWhen a customer needs customized products, Adelaide’s Paint & Decor delivers in several ways. The store, located on St. Simon Island in Georgia, sells color-matched spray paints and tintable caulk, says owner Walter Rafolski.

The company began offering the custom spray paint as a service to its local train station. To keep the building looking new, the station maintenance workers use spray paint, which offers better protection against the wear and tear from the salty ocean air. Rafolski and his staff recreated the historic colors used on the building into spray paints, and now customers can also bring in paint samples and have their own custom colors made into spray paint.

Adelaide’s Paint & Decor also offers tintable caulk, allowing employees to accurately match caulk to a customer’s preferred color based on an image or a small paint sample.

adelaides paint and decor

At Adelaide’s Paint & Decor, along with custom interior and exterior paint, customers can purchase custom-colored spray paint and caulk.

“The paint is put into the caulk tube and mixed by hand so the color is evenly distributed,” Rafolski says. “A hardener is added and the caulk is hand mixed again, and then it is ready to use in 30 minutes.”