Wallpaper Samples Add Visual Interest to Store

//Wallpaper Samples Add Visual Interest to Store

Wallpaper Samples Add Visual Interest to Store

At Hadlock’s House of Paint, which has three locations in Rochester, New York, the winter months can be a little slow. Paint specialist and social media coordinator Todd Gonzalez says Rochester is notorious for cold, snowy winters so exterior sales are slow to nonexistent from November through March. 

“Some painters and contractors have adapted and can do a small amount of exterior work inside, but it is definitely at a minimum,” Gonzalez says. “We do try to keep a small amount of exterior inventory available for their needs.”

During the winter months, Gonzalez says they focus on products retail customers want and need, including interior paint, wallpaper, window treatments, basement waterproofing products and caulking and sealants to combat winter leaks and cold weather issues. 

To help facilitate sales in wallpaper, the Pittsford, New York, store has rolled up large wallpaper samples in paint cans decorating the design area. Along with providing visual interest, the wallpaper samples allow customers to see how the patterns and colors look in real life beyond the small samples in the books and photos online.

“We get the samples from several of our wallpaper vendors a couple times a year,” Gonzalez says. “Customers appreciate being able to see the patterns up close.”