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Hot Products – June 24, 2024

Telescoping Spray Pole (SPONSORED)

Maximize your painting efficiency with Hyde Tools’ Quick Reach Telescoping Pole. This versatile tool is a game-changer for professional painters, enabling you to paint larger areas, high ceilings and hard-to-reach surfaces with ease, all from a single standing position. It is available in variable lengths, design ranges from 4-½ feet up to 12-feet.

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Exterior Stains (SPONSORED)

Introducing Benjamin Moore WoodLuxe, an innovative line of oil- and water-based exterior stains that sets your project up for success. This premium-quality all-weather exterior stain helps protect and beautify siding, decks, porches, fences and furniture. Years of technological innovation and research have yielded a brand new exterior stain that seals and helps protect wood with luxurious results.

Benjamin Moore |

Dust-Free Vacuum Scraper (SPONSORED)

Transform your paint removal tasks with Hyde Tools’ innovative Dust-Free Vacuum Scraper. This kit is expertly designed to connect to your wet/dry vacuum, effortlessly collecting paint chips and debris during scraping. Perfect for use with both shop-type and commercial vacuums, it ensures a clean and safe worksite environment. 

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Drywall Tool

The Allway three-in-one caulk tool can remove old caulk, apply fresh caulk and scrape surfaces. It can work seamlessly with acrylic, latex and silicon caulk and can be used on projects from the bathroom to the kitchen. It features a soft grip and stainless steel blade and has a rotatable silicon smoothing triangle.

Allway Tools |

Terracotta Tile

With glazed terracotta tiles, mosaics and trims in five carefully crafted designs, the Traces Terracotta collection from Country Floors epitomizes organic modern interior design. Inspired by the tones of the Greek islands, the minimalist colors of white, beige, brown and blue bring a soothing touch. The glazed finish provides a handmade, artisanal look, creating welcoming spaces.

Country Floors |

Brushless Fan

The M18™ Brushless 18” Fan delivers corded performance anywhere on the job site, providing air circulation over 50 feet and up to 13.5 mph. The 18-inch blade and brushless motor quickly propel air, allowing for fast and efficient cooling, drying or ventilation. The reinforced metal base and shroud design withstands demanding job site environments and delivers impact, water and dust resistance.

Milwaukee Tool |


Evolve cabinets feature fully assembled, frameless, full-access cabinets with slab doors and drawer fronts. All hinges are six-way adjustable and feature a color-matched molding and trim. Evolve cabinets are constructed with Sauder Cabinetry’s DuraGuard™ finish, providing resilience against daily wear and tear and come in four woodgrain and four solid color finishes.

Sauder Cabinetry |

Duct Tape

Featuring waterproof backing and better adhesion, duct tape from Duck Brand is an easy-to-tear workbench favorite is great for holding, seaming, sealing and bundling. Its strength and conformability make this tape ideal for those difficult DIY projects that involve corners, bends and curves.

Duck Brand |