3 Paint Accessories to Cater to the Pros

///3 Paint Accessories to Cater to the Pros
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3 Paint Accessories to Cater to the Pros

Every painter has their go-to products when they shop your store and many don’t like to stray from their regular purchases. But stocking accessories that your customers don’t typically purchase is a great way to grab add-on sales. Paint & Decorating Retailer has compiled a list of three painting accessories that professionals may not currently have in their arsenal but could if they visit your store.

Brush Guards
From The Boxtown Team, the Cut-N-Edge Pro makes painting in small areas and bristle control easier. It features a comb to help clean paint out of your brushes bristles and a hook to store the brush on the inside or outside of the paint can.

The Paint Brush Cover Pro from Likwid Concepts stores and protects paint brushes. It was designed to be larger than the average three-inch brush to accommodate all sizes of brushes and comes in a pack of three.

Tape Holders
The Hand Masker from 3M allows users to save time while preparing for paint jobs. It applies painters tape to masking film or paper in one continuous application.

The ToughGaff provides one hand, quick release and loading of all kinds of tape, directly from the waist. It is lightweight and suitable for two-inch tape up to 60 yards. It is made of polyamide materials and is waterproof.

Tool Organization
The Tool Bucket Organizer from Olympia Tools fits onto any five-gallon bucket. It is made of 600D polyester and features 30 pockets both inside and outside.

Spray tips can always seem to misplace themselves. With the TipSaver from Alpha Products, paint sprayer tips of all sizes, housings and filters are stored in the same place. It can be submerged in liquid cleaner to keep your tips free from build up and provides easy access when needed.