Virtual Color Consulting – Providing Color Guidance at a Distance

//Virtual Color Consulting – Providing Color Guidance at a Distance

Virtual Color Consulting – Providing Color Guidance at a Distance

With so much time spent at home during the past several weeks, many homeowners are finding opportunities for home improvement projects that are long overdue, or some people are just craving a change. Updating paint color is one of the fastest and most dramatic ways to transform a room, but with that comes the common fear of selecting the perfect color. With many stores closed to the public at this time, the need to reach customers virtually is a perfect way to keep the momentum going with their home projects, while serving as a trusted source for information and advice.

Who will help me select color?

Often customers will rely on in-store color consultants for guidance when it comes to selecting colors. Very frequently a homeowner will come to a store armed with inspiration images, home accessories, pages torn from a magazine – you name it, all with the objective of leaving the store with a narrowed down selection of colors. Since this is not a possibility in many areas of the country, virtual color consulting is an ideal means to connect with customers to calm their color fears, provide validation, and deliver color confidence. Not only will it increase the likelihood of converting to paint sales, but it plays a role in building community relationships that make the store a local destination for reliable answers and solutions when it comes to painting projects.

Where would I begin? What is involved in offering virtual color services?

If you have employees who are comfortable making color selections, or better yet an in-store color consultant, leverage their talents by promoting this service. Social media is a great way to make your local community aware that color help is available from afar. Here are a few tips and considerations that will help you set up a virtual color consulting service with ease.

  • Many homeowners are searching online for design and color inspiration, why not insert yourself in the conversation as the source for answers that will help them transform their home? Also consider dedicated emails to mailing lists, and even window signage if there is foot traffic passing the store.
  • Schedule 30-minute appointments and encourage customers to share any inspiration images or ask them to complete a color questionnaire prior to the session, so that the color consultant can make the most of the meeting. More often than not, homeowners have inspiration images saved making it easy for them to share their color and design goals.
  • There are several free video chat services available such as Zoom and Google Duo that make it easy to hold a meeting and see a customer’s home while not physically going to the location. This is quite convenient for busy homeowners who are currently juggling working from home and overseeing distance learning.
  • Talk through the customer’s color preferences, design goals, any uncertainties or concerns around selecting color and share the ideas developed using any “pre-work” provided by the customer. Take note of any colors discussed and have color chips mailed to the homeowner or offer the option to purchase pint samples available for curbside pickup.
  • After the call and once the samples have been sent, be sure to follow up to see how the colors look. Are there color adjustments to be made? Do the colors look like great options and they are ready to paint, or are they considering painting more spaces and they would love more advice?

Transforming Homes Virtually

By listening carefully and making thoughtful color recommendations based on the information provided by the customer, the color selection process begins to feel less daunting and more fun. Very frequently, a conversation with a color consultant will instill the peace of mind needed to make a confident choice, helping homeowners move onto the next stages of a painting project. Plus, it is always rewarding to see the “after pictures” sent from happy customers who were able to use their time at home to experience the transformation made possible by bringing new color into the home.