Upward Picked as Sherwin-Willams 2024 Color of the Year

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Sherwin-Williams 2024

Upward Picked as Sherwin-Willams 2024 Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams introduced its 2024 Color of the Year Upward SW 6239, a breezy and blissful shade of blue that evokes the ever-present sense of peace found when slowing down, taking a breath and allowing the mind to clear. 

“Upward SW 6239 represents the gentle forward momentum in all of our lives,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It brings to life that carefree, sunny day energy that elicits a notion of contentment and peace. With this color, we invite our consumers to take a pause and infuse a new sense of ease and possibility into their spaces—one that doesn’t overwhelm, but rather establishes meditation and tranquility.”

Building off the earthy tone of the 2023 Color of the Year Redend Point SW 9081, Upward SW 6239 welcomes a weightless, buoyant peace and an invitation to open minds to a color of ethereal calm that is ever-present—if we remember to keep looking up.

“As we play with color, it’s essential to consider their interactions thoughtfully,” Wadden says. “Warmed-up blues might lead to hues that appear muddled and lackluster, which is why preserving the crisp edge and magnetic allure of cool blues is vital. It’s in these subtle nuances that we create spaces that are timeless and inspired. We’re excited to share this beautiful color and craft interiors that exude harmony and evoke a sense of enchantment.”

Led by Wadden, the Sherwin-Williams global color and design team researches and identifies key trends that influence the way we interact with color. From those findings, the team turns emerging trends into the annual Colormix® Forecast, which features trending palettes for the year to come.

“Used as an accent or all over, on both interiors and exteriors, Upward SW 6239 (224-C1) clears the way for lightweight open-mindedness when used in commercial settings,” Wadden says. “The hue serves as a reminder to pause and ponder limitless possibilities that can be unlocked in our work, dining, educational spaces and beyond.”

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