5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing

//5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing
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5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing

According to the 2021 SuperOffice Customer Service Benchmark Report, 62 percent of companies do not respond to customer service emails. Read on to see how companies are failing customers digitally, and learn what you can do to improve your online customer service.

  • Make it easy
    Provide a direct email address or phone number on the homepage of your website. Never ignore a customer’s question.
  • Follow up
    Set up an automatic follow-up email to be sent a few days after your response to see if customers are satisfied with your answers.
  • Create a process
    Consider assigning responsibilities, composing email templates or utilizing customer management software.
  • Use automated responses
    Automatic replies to questions should include customer support hours, a unique reference number and links to a knowledge base.
  • Answer every Question
    Focus on quality, not quantity or speed. Do not make your customers contact your company multiple times for the same reason.

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Don’t Be a Statistic

3 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Follow Up
    97 percent of companies do not send a follow-up email to customers to see if they are satisfied with the response.
  • Acknowledge
    90 percent of companies do not acknowledge or inform the customer that an email was received.
  • Answer
    20 percent of companies fail to answer all questions on the first reply.