New Products – May 2024

//New Products – May 2024
New Products

New Products – May 2024

Door Drying Rack

Paint or refinish interior doors quickly and easily with the interior door spray and dry stand. Single operators can now paint multiple, full-size interior doors in a confined space. Doors can rotate on a foot-operated turntable as they rest on spikes to expose the bottom edge and allow for spraying all sides of the door from a stationary position.

PaintLine |

Work Flannel

The tech flannel is an elevated snap-front work flannel with smart stretch, enhanced warmth and durable water repellent. The top-rated tech flannel is a new take on a job site classic, upgraded for performance with a flexible fabric and technical features for year-round comfort.


Ladder Accessory Holder

The Monkey KLAMP is the only patented universal ladder accessory. It makes ladder jobs safer, faster and easier by allowing users to maintain 3-point contact while safely completing tasks without having to balance unsafely or go up and down the ladder to grab tools.

Monkey Rung Products |

Drywall Saw

The ALLWAY® Drywall Jab Saw features a 6 ½-inch blade that easily cuts drywall openings for switch plates and outlets and a sturdy wood handle that offers control while cutting.

Allway Tools |

Paint Marker

INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers were designed to provide users with the best performance on tough job site surfaces. All paint markers feature a durable acrylic nib that can write on the dirtiest, hottest and roughest of surfaces. Proprietary paint developed specifically for INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers can mark on surfaces up to 300 F and dry in 10 seconds.

Milwaukee Tools |

Finger Pull

The Emtek Knurled Cabinet Finger Pull comes in a variety of styles and finishes and is sold as a complete set that includes screws. It is available in seven different finishes and comes in 1½-inch and two-inch widths.

Emtek |

Interior Door

The Riverside 5-panel door is made with 70% more sound-dampening material than standard hollow core doors for better sound control. The doors are constructed with more material to better resist warping, shrinking and cracking, as solid core doors help create quieter spaces with higher durability than hollow core doors. The doors are made with an average of 69% recycled material and are available in a variety of designs.

Masonite |

Cordless Vacuum

The RIDGID X4 18-Volt Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum provides the freedom to move around the job site and the power to get the job done. Lightweight and portable, this vacuum is accessorized with an expandable locking hose that allows mobility and a multipurpose nozzle that cleans tight areas where debris collects. 


Drop Cloth Pads

Designed specifically with small spaces in mind, FrogTape™ Drop Cloth Pads make it easy to protect the floors and other surfaces when painting. The leak-proof liner protects the floors below, while the slip-resistant bottom holds the pad in place, helping to provide a safer surface for standing and working. The drop cloth pads are also a great spot to place paint or other supplies and can be easily moved around any room.

FrogTape |

Bathroom Faucet

The Quartile Waterfall Spout Bathroom Faucet features a modern design with a geometric shape, giving a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. Its four-sided design has sharp contours, slender arcs and a squared-off top. The faucet is designed to accommodate a one-hole installation and includes a ceramic disc cartridge for durability and performance. 

House of Rohl |

Cabinet Pull

The 4-inch cabinet pull from the Schaub & Company Aspero collection features knurled textures and a unique finish inspired by trends in high-end architecture and jewelry. Made from zinc and aluminum, this cabinet pull can be installed using M4 screws.

Schaub & Company |

Hemp Wood Wax

Clapham’s Hemp Wood Wax is a food-safe wood finish that uses hemp oil instead of mineral oil, resulting in a petroleum-free wood finish product that brings out the colors and unique features of the wood it’s applied to. It is suitable for salad bowls and butcher blocks and can be used as a cutting board wax, on wooden spoons and as a food-safe countertop finish. Because of its natural processing and food-safe ingredients, it is the perfect furniture finish for children’s wooden toys and cribs.

Claphams |